and so do I plant for those who will come after me.

Create Your Legacy

Creating your Jewish legacy starts simply and can proceed at your own pace. After you have thought about your personal and family needs, think about sharing a portion of your assets — either now or in the future — with your community; the organizations and causes that are most important to you. If this idea resonates with you, you may decide, “Yes, I do want to leave a legacy.”

Legacy Planning — Four Essential Steps

The Jewish Community Endowment Foundation of New Mexico is here to help you make the planning experience meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable.

1. Promise

You decide you want to leave something to the Jewish or wider community in New Mexico, Israel or elsewhere. You may not know precisely how you will fund your legacy or which causes or organizations will be the beneficiaries. You can choose to make your promise public by participating in a signing ceremony in which you sign a page in the endowment Book of Life.

2. Honor

You share your personal statement (always optional) about why you are creating a legacy plan or your hopes for the future. In this statement you may speak of your parents or grandparents, to your children or grandchildren, about the organizations that have benefited from your leadership or your hopes for the future.

3. Formalize

You specify how you will fund your legacy: perhaps through bequest, insurance policy, a beneficiary designation on your IRA, outright gift of cash or securities, establishing a life income plan. This is typically done through an Agreement with the Foundation and you can change it easily during your lifetime.

4. Fund

Your assets come to the community — into a permanent endowment fund in your family name, if desired, for causes and beneficiaries that you have designated in your Agreement.

How Do I Start?

Book of Life

You start the process with a simple promise and it culminates with the satisfaction of knowing you created a legacy for the future. So far, 100 individuals and families in New Mexico have started their legacy planning and signed the endowment Book of Life, honoring their family and Jewish values with a personal statement written in the book.

You can read through some of their statements by stopping at the wooden arches in the lobby of the JCC. The book is displayed on a sculpted wooden tree trunk designed by local artist Harvey Buchalter.

If you would like to discuss creating your Jewish legacy, contact us.